We grow ideas!

IncuBay is a team of experienced, innovative leaders with
a passion for developing and growing businesses

IncuBay® Management Consulting

IncuBay is a team of experienced business leaders with a successful track record of developing, growing and improving businesses. We offer the customized solutions that firms require for mission-critical strategic initiatives, whether in strategy formulation, process design, program management, or organizational development.

IncuBay uniquely combines years of consulting experience at top consulting firms, creation and leadership of new ventures, and management experience within large companies. We work collaboratively with top client talent in an integrative, inclusive style that is both more effective and more cost efficient than the typical consulting approach. If additional outside resources are needed to round out a team’s talent base, we bring additional experts from our extensive consulting network to fulfill the specific need. IncuBay offers exceptional value by focusing on results, and always ensuring the value created for our clients greatly exceeds our fees. Dozens of satisfied clients provide testimony to the power of IncuBay’s unique combination of experience, collaborative style, and customer focus.

IncuBay® Startup Advising

IncuBay serves on startup company Advisory Boards, working closely with startup founders and CEOs in a wide variety of industries. Leveraging our decades of both entrepreneurial and management consulting experience, we are able to add significant value in a wide array of areas as advisors and collaborators. We advise on strategy and product development, business planning, fundraising, and high performance team development. We also offer access to an extensive network spanning the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

IncuBay® New Ventures

In addition to consulting and advising external companies, IncuBay also develops and launches our own new businesses. We create ventures that will rapidly grow into profitable market leaders. By combining our creativity, capabilities and networks into one entrepreneurial engine, we are able to accelerate the success of our start-ups.

Because IncuBay is a major stakeholder in its ventures, our interests and actions are aligned with those of all stakeholders. Employees, investors, and partners benefit from working with IncuBay and its ventures because IncuBay ventures:

  • Have a high likelihood of success
  • Are designed for high return
  • Are highly effective organizations